Frequently Asked Questions

How does chiropractic help moms-to-be feel more comfortable during pregnancy?

By adjusting your spine, your chiropractor can help relieve nerve pressure and muscle strain. As a result, you can have less muscle pain and referred pain to the extremities. Pregnancy chiropractic care also helps to alleviate back pain, neck pain and extremity pain without painkillers (which could be dangerous to your growing baby).

What are some other benefits of chiropractic care during pregnancy?

While chiropractic effectively addresses prenatal aches and pains, it also allows your body to communicate with itself more effectively through the improvement of nerve function. These improvements can optimize your (and your baby’s) overall health, helping to manage swelling, morning sickness, hormonal swings, and other prenatal side effects as well. You may even enjoy an easier, quicker labor period. 

What is the Webster Technique?

This adjusting method focuses on pelvic alignment issues, particularly around the SI (sacroiliac joint), that might otherwise prevent the fetus from turning in the womb for a normal head-down delivery. This technique could help decrease the need for a C-section.

Is pregnancy chiropractic care safe?

Yes; it’s very safe! Our chiropractors use safe and gentle techniques assuring your comfort during every adjustment. We also feature special tables that allow you to rest comfortably through your session, even as your belly grows larger.

At what point in my pregnancy should I begin chiropractic care?

While you can start care at any time during your pregnancy, we encourage you to come in as soon as you know you’re pregnant. But even if you don’t begin chiropractic care until later in your pregnancy, you still can experience benefits.

If you’d like to enjoy a happier, healthier pregnancy, contact PWC Chiropractic today to book an appointment!


Is chiropractic safe for kids?

Yes; it’s very safe. We use gentle adjusting techniques for children. Chiropractic is also highly safe for kids because it’s drug-free.

Does it hurt?

No! We always use age-appropriate, low-force techniques on children. For infants, we only apply about the same amount of pressure that’s used to check a tomato for ripeness.

At what age should I first bring my child in for care?

As chiropractic care is safe even for newborns, we encourage you to bring your baby in as soon after birth as possible. That’s because even if delivery doesn’t require interventions, the birth process can be traumatic for a baby. Chiropractors can check a baby to remove any interference.